About Winnford Academy

About Winnford Academy

Our Purpose at Winnford Academy provides an enriching learning environment where the children, parents, and staff can learn, play & grow together. As professional educators, we have carefully designed unique, individualized approaches to learning for your child. Step inside our program to read more about what we have created as we offer children opportunities to Learn, Play, and Grow.

Why you should choose Winnford Academy

Winnford understands the importance of your peace of mind, so we offer App-based communication to nurture communications with families and instill trust in parents by involving them in their children’s activities.

We also offer:

  • Family Environment
  • Extra Curricular Activities

Our Pledge

Our Pledge

To be an advocate to every child that walks into the building by fostering compassion, responsibility, openness, and teamwork. Our philosophy is that young children most effectively learn and grow together through appropriately managed and structured play.

Locally owned and operated

Our management team is the foundation in the success of our academy. Our owner is onsite daily actively involved with staff, parents, and children. Collaboration with our families and ongoing communication is the cornerstone of our culture


Our teachers have degrees and experience in early childhood education. Our staff are required to maintain the minimum of 18 hours of quality training


In all we do, children come first. Their supervision, safety, caring, and emotional wellbeing is our top priority. In order to stimulate children’s learning and emphasize every positive opportunity for their growth, we believe parents should have a voice in matters that can affect their children’s lives and future.

Our programs

Programs for infants

The goal is for our babies is to see their room at WOA as an extension of their own homes. Our caring and experienced teachers help infants meet their developmental milestones in all areas:

  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Gross Motors
  • Language Development
  • Cognitive Development

Our infant room has been designed to take the form of a child’s playroom. Each infant has a personal, individually decorated area in which to rest. Shoe covers are required to enter the classroom in order to maintain our floors cleaned and sanitized.

Programs for toddlers

Toddlers have a natural need to explore and research shows this is how they learn best. Our toddler classrooms are full of things to push, pull, press, and learning materials to help them stretch their imaginations. Children at this stage of development learn by imitating, exploring and trial and error. We focus on creating an environment with plenty of activities to explore.

Programs for preschoolers

Our preschool classrooms are equipped with learning materials that engage children’s language, cognitive, creative, and social emotional skills. Teachers give students the opportunity to elaborate and explain their ideas, opinions, thoughts, predictions, needs, works of art, and actions. Teachers present students with questions and situations that enable them to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.